Bucharest to Veliko Tarnova

Before our road trip around Bulgaria last September, we spent a long time trying to figure out how we were going to get from Bucharest to Veliko Tarnova using public transport. We trawled through TripAdvisor forums, blog posts and various websites, and most advised that this journey was anything but straightforward. Most said that the trip would involve a few transfers and long waits for … Continue reading Bucharest to Veliko Tarnova

City Break in Bucharest (Bucuresti)

Our first visit to Romania was far too brief, with only 36 hours to spend in its vibrant capital city Bucharest. This is a city where old meets new, east meets west and neo-classical architecture merges with communist-era buildings. During the early 20th century Bucharest was dubbed as ‘Little Paris’ or ‘Paris of the East’ due to its impressive architecture and sophisticated nightlife. However, bombings … Continue reading City Break in Bucharest (Bucuresti)